What we offer?

3D animation combines the power of technology and imagination. It offers virtually unlimited possibilities for the presentation of products and processes. It is indispensable when traditional photographic and film techniques are not sufficient enough. Computer generated 3D movies allow for a perfect reproduction of prototype devices and enable insight into working machinery. They help to illustrate physical and chemical processes or living  organisms’ inner phenomena. 3D animation is also popular in the creation of cartoons and professional special effects in cinema and TV programme productions.

Our experience guarantees that each frame of a video will be a carefully thought out message and a visual masterpiece. We know how to charm the viewer and how to include all the necessary information in a short clip. Our productions engage the audience throughout their whole duration. We can create concepts from scratch or work on an idea together with a client sharing our knowledge and skills, and we never lose sight of our goal. All this makes 3D animation by OMI a valuable and effective marketing tool.

Exemplary work