What we offer?

Identity design is a major tool in building brand identity. It is much more than just a logo and corporate colors. This is a strategic decision that determines how your brand will work outside. Aesthetics in this case is just as important as the consistency with the company’s culture and the personality of its products. Therefore, we aim in OMI to precede graphic works with discussion and research. As a result, we can offer you carefully thought out solutions that capture even the slightest nuances. They become the essence of your brand represented by visual elements – signs, shapes and colors.
The results of our work include i.a. logotypes, choice of typography and corporate colors, printed patterns, packaging, business cards and websites. We can also create vehicle wrapping, clothing, store elements design and much more. Beautiful, unique and carefully thought out designs will embed your product deep in clients` minds. This will result in their loyalty and will help you stand out from the competition. Professional identity design also increases brand awareness which directly impacts business results.

Exemplary work